Perks of frameless shower screens over framed ones

Before deciding what to install in your bathroom and what not let us aware ourselves about the many different types of bath screens in Perth out of which one is frameless glass shower screen. This glass screen as obvious by the name does not have a metal frame thus it looks absolutely stylish and elegant with a pleasant feel right after entering it. So, what are some of the plus points of installing a frameless glass shower screen let’s learn? 

Countless design preferences:  

One gets easily bored if there are limited choices when it comes to interior designing but designing bathroom is always fun as the choice window expands for choosing right kind of accessories for a certain look of a bathroom. 

Broad area of movement: 

The mobility is 180 degrees with these doors as they can be opened from any side whether you push or pull with metal joints attached to it. This pro makes it more convenient to go for this type of frameless shower screen. 

Easy Maintenance  

Heavy metal door handles and frames can trap a lot of dust and dirt particles which are not easy to clean and can leave stubborn stains. Not only dust but can fill with soap and moisture and can become a great pain afterwards when it comes to cleaning. On the other hand, it is amazingly easy to clean frameless glass as compared to traditional shower screen with a thick frame. Frameless glass is easy to find in the market as compared to a particular matching framed one. 

Style and design enhancement 

Bathroom appears wider and more spacious with windows and doors without frames as it gives airier and more modern look plus it will enhance the overall aesthetics of the bathroom floor, marble design, lighting, and colour theme. A frame can deviate your attention from the actual stuff to notice in the bathroom. This is how a small thing can change one’s perspective and whole feel of a place. 

Entirely Customizable: 

Standard bathroom doors are made in a certain standard size and cannot be altered according to each person’s preference, but that is not the case with frameless glass shower screens and doors. They can be customised in any size and shape according to the style and size of the bathroom space. You can get them made in line with the dimensions of your bathroom to avoid any water damage and leaks. 

Modern Aesthetic: 

One should always go for simple and minimal yet elegant stuff in their life, whether it is designing or owned items in the house. A stylish bathroom always changes your mood in seconds. A sleek and contemporary vanity, commode, and bath screen will lift up your mood instantly. Give your bathroom a spa like feel with just a few basic changes and look for yourself how it will change everyone’s perspectives and mood. 

Metal framed doors and windows gets heavily corroded with time. Moisture and dirt can damage them heavily and can ruin the whole appearance of your place no matter how much you clean it. Later on, it will just waste your money nothing else. Install a frameless glass in your bathroom and just get rid of this problem once and for all. 

Increases Property Worth: 

Upgrading your property design to enhance the property worth is always a wise decision and a great investment to consider for a lifelong result. Changing few things in your bathroom can transform your dull bathroom into completely new and modern look and one of the most important things is changing the framed doors with frameless glass doors. 

In order to boost the value of your property and transforming it into modern trends that has been following overall across the world you don’t need to spend millions of moneys but just have to be wise and in touch with the modern styles. Use simple and elegant colour schemes for your home, add light weight yet classy furniture, use trendy curtains, and add frameless screens. These few changes can do wonders for your old house designing and can transform your home completely.