A proud Australian company, City Shelving had its humble start selling products like office furniture in the beginning, in 1992. Since then, City Shelving has kept its name high up in the shelving business. The business grew out to provide more than just Long Span and Industrial Shelving in Sydney and pallet racking. City Shelving has also proved its credibility by being an expert in assistance for storage fitting with not just plans to elevate your storage plans but to put their knowledge to test with hands-on consultation for new fittings. That being said, City Shelving also keeps its safety and inspection check as it is approved with the Australian Standards Steel Storage Racking as well. Enough said, let’s go over a few things about City Shelving. 

City Shelving and Variety 

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to City Shelving that has grown its shelving empire over the years. Their website makes sure its clients get what they’re looking for whether it’s Mini Span or Long Span Shelving, new products or second hand or even choosing between office furniture and Industrial Shelving. The company also cares about quality and makes sure all products are of the finest quality and no less. Customers can also select the brand they would like to shop from as well as choose a space category such as Industrial Shelving or more like a warehouse shelving space.  

The City Shelving Team 

The City Shelving Team consists of architecture professionals that know the very best for your storage space and are here to make sure you choose the right shelving solution. To aid this, our professional team provides expert advice if you fill the free measure form from the website. City Shelving believes in having hands-on experience with the space you want to transform and then give a real idea on what fitting, and shelving may benefit your company or space more. Quoting and other advice can also be provided to clients and make their shopping experience stress free. 

Now moving on to the featured products by City Shelving which are: 

Industrial Shelving 

City Shelving caters a lot of storage solutions when it comes to Industrial Shelving whether it is Mini Span Shelving or pallet racks. Industry Shelving at Shelving City mainly comprises fine quality metal of good strength or wood planks. The shelves either come grounded that can be fixed or bolted in the ground by our services or with attached wheels for mobility around your warehouse. All shelves present on the website come with dimensions and can be adjusted accordingly. Our shelves, such as the Mini Span Shelves, are also home and garage friendly as they require no tools to assemble and can be adjusted with more or less shelves. Each shelf can also be spaced out according to your personal liking, there are no limits!  

Long Span Shelving 

Long Span Shelves are a classic, wide spaced with admirable height, and the perfect choice if you are starting something small like a garage storage, stacking up products for a small business or your company needs a ton of these for their warehouse. Long Span Shelving has a design that is impeccable and assembling it is not a hassle either. For those who are picky about size, worry no more! Long Span Shelving provides you more space and storage while keeping the height of you shelve the same as before by adding additional bays to the shelves and increasing the number of shelves. 

Material Adjustment 

It is to be known that while City Shelving presents a couple of size variations for mobile shelving units in Australia, it can also adjust the Long Span Shelving boards according to heavy weight use or light weight. Boards with thicker build can be exchanged for lighter ones and mesh decking can also be inserted on request. With that being said Long Span Shelving is the ultimate solution if your room space is not enough for your huge quantity of goods because the City Shelving team can consult you into buying the perfect Industrial Shelving solutions for your warehouse, factory, storehouse or even stockroom. 

Now that the Industrial Shelving and Long Span Shelving are familiar, make sure it’s your next choice when picking an impressive storage plan from City Shelving.