How does the process of steam cleaning works?

People often clean their homes and workplaces on daily basis; some does it by hiring house help while others clean their places by themselves; whenever they find time. Even though this regular cleaning might eliminate dust particles to some extent but the deep embedded stains and bacteria needs special procedure for them to be wiped off. This special procedure can only be carried out by the group of professionals who are expert in cleaning or we might say deep cleaning of different areas. There are different ways and methods of cleaning the stubborn stains and deep rooted dust particles; these methods might vary from hot water extraction to tile and grout cleaning. One such process of deep cleaning is known as steam cleaning in Adelaide. This process not only scrubs the particular place but also disinfects it. It can be applied for upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning as well as car cleaning. In this article; we will be discussing about how the process of steam cleaning works and in what steps does carpet cleaners complete this process.  

How does the process of steam cleaning works? 

Basically; the way things or areas are deep cleansed depend upon the way cleansing is carried out. In this process of steam cleaning; water is first boiled to such an extent that it comes out through nozzle in the form of hot water vapours. These water vapours are pressed to the specific area that needs to be cleaned with such a pressure that it deep cleanses the place and removes all of the dust particles. In addition to that; this process disinfects that particular place as well when used with certain chemicals. People often confuse the process of steam cleaning with hot water extraction system but both are two different processes. Although; water is boiled in both of the process but in hot water extraction process; water is boiled to an extent lower than that of a boiling point. 

Benefits of the process of steam cleaning:  

This process of cleaning with the steam surely comes with lot plus points. It completely eliminates dust particles and other deeply rooted pollutants. In addition to that; it kills up to ninety nine percent of bacteria hence; disinfecting the whole place with the chemicals that are used in it.  Stubborn stains and greasy particles are completely wiped off. Conclusively; we can say that it not only cleanses the whole place but also disinfects it and leaves the refreshing odour behind.   

Comparison between hot water extraction and steam cleaning process: 

Even though; in both of the process (hot water extraction and steam cleaning); water is heated to a high level but in case of cleaning with steam, water is boiled to such an extreme extent that it converts into hot water vapours. In case of carpet cleaning; hot water extraction can get rid of dust particles and stains better than the process of steam cleaning. However; cleaning with the steam is recommended because it does not affect the texture of the carpet or any upholstery items and removes up to ninety nice percent of the dust particles and disinfects it as well.  

Steps that take carpet cleaners to complete the process of steam cleaning: 

Various steps are involved to carry out the process of cleaning the upholstery items, carpet as well as vehicles with steaming process. These steps begin with the inspection of the place to point out any stubborn stains. After that; spot cleaner is applied in needed areas and is then pre-sprayed with high traffic solutions. All purpose solution is then pre-sprayed through the area that needs to be cleansed in the next step. Then it is followed by the process of agitation and finally with the steam cleansing.  


One must get his workplace and residency thoroughly cleaned at least once or twice a year. This thorough cleaning can only be carried out by the professional carpet cleaners who perform their function in an expert manner. There are various ways to thoroughly clean your carpets and upholstery items; one of the best ways is steam cleaning. It is the process in which water is heated to such an extent that it is converted into hot water vapour and is then sprayed with high pressure on the surface. “All bright carpet cleaning” offers the best services of steam cleaning