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The upper cases of the personal computers are named as tower, system unit, or computer chassis. The personal computer cases are available in different sizes. These may be mid-tower cases or full-tower cases. As its name refer, the full tower case is more heightened than the desktop case. These tower cases are paddock that comprises components of the personal computer nearly. It ostracizes the keyboard, mouse. and display. Our main concern is the full tower case. The body of the full tower case is made of steel, aluminium, and plastic. In the case of the home-built full tower case, glass, wood, and acrylic have used.  

Main components of the full tower case 

The main components of the full tower case comprise motherboard, spacious innards, optimal airflow within the case or effective water-cooling support, reduced noise output, cable management, front-panel connections, tempered glass panels, and LED.  

Depending on the factor and orientation, the motherboard is screwed either to the bottom or side of the full tower case. The ATX (advanced technology extended) a factored form of the motherboard, is a power supply configuration proffer the modified input/output ports. The ATX has provided integrated peripheral, as well as expansion slots.  

The power supply may be built in at the top or bottom of the case. In the case of the power supply at the top of the full tower case, it fed air from the internal component of the computer. This may degrade the efficiency of the system. It is more preferable at the bottom of the full tower case, it acts as vent, it pulls the cool air from the surround, ding, and escalates the efficiency of the full tower case.  

The eminence of full tower case 

  • The full tower case performed functionality with the personal computer that requires heavy-duty CPUs.  
  • The full tower case has room for 7-10 PCI-E slots. The full tower case can accommodate the number of the hardware with 12 fans that maintain the temperature of the system.  
  • The up-gradation and expansion are quite easy in a full tower case. It has enough room for the video cards and other cables.  
  • The structure of the full tower case is well suited to sort out any troubleshooting.  

Gaming PC Case 

The personal computer case that indulges games is referred to as a gaming pc case. It is a high-end window that is specified for gaming. We also refer to it as the play station that works on heavy-duty CPUs. The gaming PC case has a RAM of 32 GB and the fastest CPU and GPU chips. The gaming pc case is associated with the full tower case that proffers the functionality of the multiple drives and accommodates the art graphic cards. The gaming PC case also proffers a suitable cooling mechanism. The gaming laptops are also in consideration. The gaming PC aimed to work with VR (Virtual Reality). Virtual Reality is software that is concerned with entertainment, business, and education. In VR software, mostly Oculus Rift uses an enormous amount of CPU processing. The gaming PC case also has a water cooling system to sustain the temperature and manoeuver two high-end NVIDIA graphics cards. 

General view of gaming pc case 

  • The gaming is of eminent value and works on the different graphic cards. The main concern is the size, ventilation, and looks. If the gaming is held at a large scale, the more modified gaming pc case is requisite.  
  • The cost of each gaming pc case varies from place to place. These are by the airflow tract, soundproofing system, proper LED’s adjusted location. Silverstone, Thermaltake, Cooler Master are the brands that are suited to proffer the best ventilation system to gaming pc cases. USB, e-SATA, Audio slots purvey more advancement to the gaming system.  
  • The technicians invest 60-70 dollars to the gaming PC case that proffer them in return much more. A good graphics card such as this GTX 1080 for $450 is a great start to purvey the versatility in the functioning of the games. The ATX motherboard with the quad-core CPU runs smoothly on the GTX 1080. MSI B450M Gaming PRO-VDH for $80 and the hex-core RYZEN 5 1600X for $180 proffer power just for gaming. Arctic freezer purveys a great job to cool down the 33 CPUs. ADATA SX8200 NVME drives, with 250 GB Ram proffer an excellent result.